The Twin Contract


A forced impersonation, a binding contract, and a cop she would give up everything for.

Brianna Spencer has never been the favored daughter. That place has always been reserved for her identical twin sister, Briony. Briony crushes anyone that stands between her and her wants. Until the fateful night, she sneaks out to a party and disappears from her doting parents’ lives. Thus, Brianna’s plans for a quiet life are thrown into chaos as she is coerced to pay the price for her sister’s selfishness.

For ten years, Brianna has been forced to assume her socialite sister’s identity. Now, at age twenty-seven, Brianna begins to wonder if she will ever break free of her sister’s identity and live out her own dreams.

Jackson McCord loathes liars. Raised by parents who conned anyone and everyone, Jackson could spin a lie and have the person swear it was the truth. Until his parents were arrested when he was twelve and a cop saved him. A man he learned to respect and who taught him that dishonesty has consequences. Then he meets Brianna Spencer, a woman he never expected to fall for and one whose entire existence is a lie.

One twin dead. One twin sacrificed for her family’s sanity. And a man who pierces the veil of lies and sees the true heart of the living twin. Can Jackson pull her from the mire of deception? Or will Brianna stay enshrouded in her dead sister’s shadow?

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Nope, just here to make sure you don’t get in the house. Brianna is more than capable of fighting her own battles.” Jackson stepped to the side, giving Brianna a clear shot at Christopher.

Before he could take a step into her home, Jackson’s arm shot across the threshold. His muscled arms made Christopher’s look like limp noodles. His eyes widened while Jackson’s smile broadened.

You need to get rid of your guard dog.” Christopher pointed to Jackson.

I think he’s more like a panther or a tiger.” She tossed a grin Jackson’s way. “I dare you to yank his tail.”

This isn’t a joke, Briony. You need to quit with this shit, and we need to talk.” He reached for her.

Don’t touch me.” Brianna swung back at the man she hated with every fiber of her being. “I am not Briony.

He gasped and then grinned in malicious delight. “You just broke the contract and the NDA.”

She arched a brow. “I didn’t, and if you know anything about the contract, that means someone else has broken it first. So, Chrissy, what is it you’re really after?”

Us.” He tried to lean closer to her, but Jackson’s arm never moved. Instead, Christopher pushed on as if Jackson weren’t next to him. “You and I being together makes sense—”

Jackson’s chuckles interrupted Christopher.

What the hell is so funny?” He jabbed a finger at Jackson.

You keep claiming a dead woman for your girlfriend. I’ll give you a piece of advice: you need to move on and get a life.”

Brianna hid her smile and cleared her throat of the chuckle that wanted to escape. “As fun as it is to watch two guys go at it, I’m exhausted. So finish, Christopher, and then get off my porch.”

He raked his fingers through his blond hair. “Look, our families are the most powerful in the state. When your grandmother passes, you’ll eventually be in line to take over—”

No, I won’t.” She was glad now to have been forgotten while her grandmother and father had battled it out in the library. “Grandmother has already signed controlling interest to another when she steps down. Hell, she’s already stepped most of the way down, and the man who’s running it now will keep it for his heirs.”

She’ll quickly fix that the second our names are joined.”

No.” Brianna squinted at the asshole in front of her. “I’m not dating you, I’m not marrying you, and I’m not having this conversation. Get the hell off my property.”

You’ll cave. You always do. Briony was the only one who ever stood up to your parents. You’re the one who ran and hid.” He smirked. “And you’ll marry me. It’s what your parents want.”

My grandmother is on my side—”

Please. That bat will be declared incompetent, and then your parents will take over. They’ll reassign your grandmother’s assets since your parents and my parents both want this, and Briony and I wanted it. You’re falling in line, Brianna. And you’ll learn to love it.” He stepped forward but was stopped from touching her or crossing into her home by Jackson’s bulk.

What the fuck?” He laughed derisively. “This? This is what you go for? Some over-sized meathead who doesn’t have much of a pot to piss in?”

Brianna growled. “He’s more of a man than you, and he’s got a big ass pot to piss in.” She snarled then winced. Christ, it was a wonder Jackson hadn’t left her if that was the best she could come up with. Jackson’s arched brow and wicked grin made her shake her head. “Get him off my property.”

With pleasure.” Jackson faced Christopher. “I’m with the Sheriff’s Department, kid, so you will vacate this property, or I will arrest you.” Jackson leaned in. “Now, me, I hope you don’t leave so I can arrest you. Not having any cuffs on me, I’m sure you’ll resist. While Brianna runs to get my badge and cuffs from the car, I might have to make sure you’re subdued, especially since I don’t have any backup.”

Christopher’s gaze raked across both of them.

Brianna squared her shoulders; she wasn’t ashamed of sleeping with Jackson. Compared to the handful of men Brianna had dated, Jackson was smoking hot and in a category all his own.

Christopher chuckled harshly. “Guess you are more like your sister than you’re willing to admit.”

Guess I am,” she smirked and nuzzled into Jackson’s side, sliding her hand over the hard plane of his chest. “Gotta say, at least my taste is a hell of a lot better than hers.”

Look, I don’t care who you fuck, any more than I cared who Briony screwed. You can spread your legs for every guy in town for all I care. As long as the brat you pop passes a paternity test that names me as the dad, you can screw to your little heart’s content.” He smoothed a hand across his chest. “Because I’ll be doing the same.”

That’s it,” Jackson said, moving forward his arms out as he forced Christopher to step back.

But Brianna was beyond pissed, she wanted the asshole gone. She wanted him off her land never to return. Slamming her hand on the bottom of the wall-mounted cabinet next to the door. She watched the secret shelf unfolded with her twelve-gauge nestled inside. The cabinet was a gift from Callie since she felt Brianna’s gun needed to be downstairs, but Brianna hadn’t wanted to chance Callie’s boys playing with it and hurting themselves. The hidden compartment was the perfect solution, and the shelves came in handy to put the small gifts of stones and leaves the boys gave her.

Jackson was dragging Christopher off the porch, but Christopher put up a fight. To break up the standoff, Brianna cocked her buckshot-filled gun with a loud clack. Both men froze and looked over at her.

Now, I’ve been neighborly and heard you out even though I hate your guts.” Brianna leveled the gun at Christopher. “This can go one of a few ways. Either you leave, Jackson arrests you, or I shoot you, and the paramedics can cart you away. But the end result is you will be getting the ever-loving-fuck off my property.”

Rage at him, even thinking she would bow down to him, made her want to pull the trigger and fill him with buckshot. If she aimed just right, she wouldn’t kill him, only hurt him… a lot.

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