#NaNoWrimo2017 Day 22 ~ The Twin’s Contract ~ Another Snippet

It’s day 22 of NaNoWrimo and I think my characters have finally driven me insane…either that or I should never brainstorm with my gaming friends again. Even though #gamersrule.  I’m at almost 32k words of The Twin’s Contract, which is my #WIP for #NaNoWrimo2017 and my characters have gone off the deep end.

I decided to include the last scene I wrote which still makes me laugh.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Jackson wasn’t sure what woke him, the sun was barely above the horizon if the shadows coming in from the light cream sheers were anything to go by. Expecting to roll over and go back to sleep, he was surprised to find Brianna’s gaze on him.

“You’re awake, too.”

A blush covered Brianna’s face and her eyes dropped to Jackson’s neck. “Yes, I usually get up a bit earlier to help with the animals on the weekend.”

“It’s Friday.” Jackson bent to snatch a kiss only to be met by the back of Brianna’s hand, her wide blue eyes jumped back to his. “Not that I don’t like licking every inch of skin on you, Brianna, but what the hell?”

“Morning breath,” she mumbled while wiggling out of the bed.

“Again it’s Friday, so you can technically brush your teeth and then come back, right?”

The squeak that came with that question made Jackson realize this was new to Brianna. Just to be sure, he called to her rapidly retreating back, “Not had many men stay over, huh?”

He thought he heard her reply ‘none’ before the bathroom door slammed shut with her enticing ass on the other side. Sighing, Jackson’s stomach took that time to rumble. They’d missed dinner last night, Jackson in too much of a hurry to have Brianna to do more than shove the dinner they’d picked up into the fridge. Deciding to get cleaned up, then see if he could coax Brianna back to bed after they ate, he tapped lightly on the bathroom door. “Brianna?”

“Yes?” came the hesitant reply.

“Can I join you?”

“Umm…there’s a guest bathroom two doors down in the hall that has toothbrushes and towels.”

“You know I’ve already seen you, right?”

A muffled thunk was his only answer.

“Okay, we’ll play it your way this time, but next time is my turn and my turn involves me washing every inch of you.”

“Oh god.” Her whisper barely making it past the solid wood.

“Oh, Callie’s not going to pop over is she?” he asked.


“Good, then I’m only dressing in jeans. It’ll make it easier for us to get to the good part after we eat.”
With that he sauntered out of the bedroom naked, his jeans clasped in his hand as he went to find the guest bathroom. If Brianna thought she could hide that luscious body from him during the day, she was sadly mistaken. He wanted to prove to her he saw her, not her dead sister. In order to do that, he needed to make love to her in the light of day and make sure to use her name as often as possible while doing it.

Cleaning up quickly, he headed for the kitchen to find Brianna already there dressed in pale purple pajamas.

“Those look silky,” Jackson said, gathering her in for a kiss. “Of course they’ll look better on the floor when I strip them off of you.”

Pink flooded her face again, he really wanted to know how far that blush went on her chest.
“Sorry, I’ve never had a man in my house before. I mean slept with a man here. I mean–“

Covering her lips with his hand, he held in a chuckle. “I got it. I’m special and after breakfast I’ll be sure to show you how special I think you are. But first food.” His stomach took that as a promise and rumbled its agreement, breaking the tension.

“Coffee’s ready, let me get the rest of the stuff together and I’ll make us an omelet with bacon. Is that okay?” she asked, her head buried in the fridge and her enticing ass raised in the air. Distracted, Jackson didn’t answer. “Hello? Jackson, is that okay?”

“Oh,” he cleared his throat, “yep, I’ll eat pretty much anything. Except anchovies…oh and pineapple pizza, because that’s just all kinds of wrong.”

She laughed, standing she held bell peppers, onions and cheese, expertly closing the fridge with her hip, she juggled the ingredients dumping them on the counter.

Since she seemed to have everything in hand, Jackson retreated to the kitchen table to watch her. Shaking off his thoughts before his dick took more of an interest, Jackson shifted his hard on. He should’ve put on underwear. Shifting it again, he sighed. It was no use. The damned zipper was going to leave an imprint if he didn’t think of something else.

Just then Brianna came over with a large cup of coffee and set it in front of Jackson. Her slender fingers ran lightly over the skin of his shoulder and down his back before she went back to the counter.
Jackson lifted the coffee to his lips to keep from grabbing her and took in his surroundings. The kitchen fit Brianna. At least the Brianna he knew. Soft yellows and blues with a large pane glass window overlooking the fields. Rich sunlight streamed into the homey room.

The gorgeous plank wood table captured his attention while Brianna bustled around the stove humming. Running his fingers over the smooth surface, he plunked his mug down.

“Is this Amish?”

Brianna’s gaze tangled with his, a hint of pink tinged her cheeks again. But whether from embarrassment or from the heat of the stove he wasn’t sure. “Yes.”

“It’s beautiful.”

“Thanks. Frank, Callie, Derrick and I took our college graduation trip through Lancaster to buy things for mine and Callie’s homes.” Brianna turned back to the stove. Her practiced movements as she worked the six burner rangetop. The more he uncovered of Brianna the more he wanted to know. She was nothing like what he thought a socialite should be.

“You chose to go explore Amish country after graduation? Don’t most people in your tax bracket go to…I don’t know, Europe or Asia?”

A frustrated huff passed Brianna’s lips as she abruptly flipped bacon into the pan. “I did that when I graduated high school. It was expected and as my parents didn’t allow me to be…” she scrubbed her cheek on her shoulder before finishing. “They had all that planned for Briony–“

“And as you’re playing your sister for them you had to do the trip.”

When she turned to face him again, he panicked. Her eyes were overly bright as if filled with tears and the sadness mixed with frustration stamped across her face had him standing. He wanted to offer her comfort, especially since he was the reason she was upset in the first place.
She sighed. “Sit back down, Jackson.”

He plopped back into the heavy chair that matched the table. Obeying, but feeling no satisfaction in doing it.

“Anyway, Callie and Derrick were engaged a month before we graduated. Derrick and I already talked to Dr. Evanston about taking over his clinic and I’d already made an offer on this farm.”

Bacon popped and sizzled in one pan while she prepped four slices of bread for the toaster.

“Needless to say, my taste and my parents’ tastes are nothing alike. The second I saw some of the furniture Callie’s mother brought back from her trip to Lancaster, I knew that was what I wanted. So, my friends and I rented a large trailer and did a whole tour up through there.”

He smiled, picked up his coffee cup again and tipped it towards her. “It fits you to a tee. Simple and elegant with hidden strength.”

Her lips parted into a brilliant smile, glowing happiness replaced the tears. “Thank you.”

“No need to thank me for the truth.”

“Even so.” She turned back to the eggs she’d been cracking against a white bowl. He watched as she added various chopped ingredients. After whipping it all together she tipped the contents of the bowl into a pan next to the bacon.

The heady scent of onions, peppers and eggs mixed with herbs made his mouth water.

This was the life. He took another sip of his coffee and looked through the big window at the various animals playing in the green fields, some had their heads buried in the grass while others were climbing on structures set up in their sections. A large pond sparkled in the distance. It was a perfect morning after an amazing night.


The unholy screech made Jackson jump, sloshing hot liquid over his fingers. Turning with a growl, he froze at the sight before him. Anger stamped across Callie’s face, her feral green eyes landed on Brianna who was also frozen in place.

Did you know?” The snarling words sounded like a hound from hell, guttural and demonic.

“Better watch out, Brianna, she looks like she’s about to bite your ankles,” Jackson said, goading Callie further.

“Shut up, Jolly Green.”

Brianna coughed, but it did little to cover the chuckles which broke into a roaring laugh. She grasped the counter as Derrick skirted around his crazy wife and went to plate the food from the stove. While Jackson scratched his cheek confused at what the hell was going on.

“You knew.” The anger faded to a look of betrayal.
“Callie, of course I knew. It was all over your family’s Facebook posts.” Brianna’s eyes widened. “Oh crap, you didn’t read them? Please tell me you at least responded to the email. You needed to in order to choose the room–“

“I didn’t, though,” she wailed falling into the chair next to Jackson.

He finished wiping up the spilled coffee with the napkins that decorated the center of the table, staying quiet to try to figure out what was going on. He’d hoped for breakfast and maybe a bit more time in bed with Brianna. However, with Callie all but sobbing and shuddering next to him and Derrick putting more eggs and bacon on to cook it didn’t look like he’d be able to lure Brianna back upstairs.

Standing, he took his almost empty mug and poured himself another cup of coffee, then rejoined the group.

“What could be so bad about a bedroom? I can’t believe you’d be that squeamish, Callie. Hell, growing up and being a cop in Detroit knocked that stuff out of me pretty quick,” Jackson said, sitting back into his chair.

Jackson loaded his plate from the platters of food Derrick and Brianna set on the table.

A sarcastic snort from Callie had Jackson turning to meet her gaze. “Really, so you wouldn’t have any problems sleeping on a cum-soaked porn mattress?”

The eggs he’d been about to spoon onto his plate, plopped back in the bowl. “Come again?”

“Oh god, that’s probably what the director said,” Callie wailed, her face falling into her hands.

Seeing he’d get no answers from Callie, he looked at Derrick and Brianna on the other side of the table to see them guffawing.

“What the hell?” Jackson asked. Glad that the heavy conversation from earlier was forgotten by Brianna. “What kind of party did you go to that you had a director?”

“It was her family’s WOW party,” Brianna replied between chuckles.

“WOW? Like that game?”

“No, WOW like Women’s Only Weekend,” Derrick helpfully filled in for Jackson. Now that their laughter subsided to chuckles Derrick and Brianna began dishing up their own food.

“And they have director’s there?”

“No, Jolly, the director is probably dead by now… I mean it was the seventies.” Callie snarked from next to him, filling her own plate with healthy portions.

“You all are insane. What’s that even mean?” Jackson felt like there were three or four conversations going on and he was lost.
Brianna flapped a hand to draw his attention.

“No.” She lifted her cell from the table. “Okay, see, Callie’s cousin Georgina has gone on a decorating frenzy the past year. She wanted her guest rooms to have a theme. So she started with the fifties and had pictures of her grandparents at various dances framed for the wall. Then she did the next room in the sixties and had pictures of her parents done for that room. Since she has five rooms, each has an era, so the last three were set from the nineties, eighties and the seventies–“

“Which is the porn room,” Callie whimpered.

Derrick nodded dramatically, but didn’t add anything. Probably smart with how traumatized his wife was at the moment. Still confused, he looked at Brianna with an arched brow. “So she did up the room to look like a seventies porn set?”

Derick snorted and shook his head, then coughed to cover what Jackson knew was another laugh.

“Not exactly,” Brianna whooped in triumph, passing her cell over the Jackson. “Her decorator took Georgina all over the place and one of them was in Atlanta where they were auctioning off things from various well-known porn sets.”

“Holy crap,” Jackson flipped through the pictures and shivered. “Is that a round bed?”

“Yeah,” Callie lifted her head. “It vibrates too.”

“How’d they get that through the tiny doorway? Did she have it built in there?”

“No,” Brianna snickered. “It’s the actual bed equipped with the original mattress from the set. And I’ve no idea how she got it in there.”

It was then Jackson saw the comments left below the entire album and started laughing.

~ Georgie, you better tell me right now that’s not a porno set
Uncle Willie
~ Of course it’s a porno set, Unc’ can’t you see the pictures in the background? I mean the bed gave it away for me, but the pictures prove it.
~ Relax, the decorator said the mattress is perfectly sanitary since they had to clean it before they could auction it.
~ Oh my good Lord, you better have that thing covered in rubber sheets or none of us are sleeping on it.
Aunt Agatha
~ I don’t care if she’s soaked it in bleach, covered it in rubber and gives me a hazmat suit, I’m not sleeping on that thing!
Aunt Babs
~ Did they even use rubbers in the seventies?

“Damn, Derrick you had to ask that?” Jackson roared with laughter at seeing the debate on condoms ensue. Flipping the phone to face Callie, Jackson pointed to the sign up sheet. “Seems you really did have to sign up for the room you wanted, Callie.”

Green eyes narrowed on all of them. “Just remember boys and girl, pay back’s a bitch.”

With that, she shoved a fork full of eggs into her mouth while Brianna and Derrick wondered who else was assigned to the room that Callie ran from. From what Jackson could gather listening to the three talk, Callie had walked into the house, heard about the room. Then found out she was assigned to sleep there and had promptly sneaked out without ever unloading her car.

It was crazy, insane, and it turned into the best breakfast Jackson had since his adopted father passed away. His eyes tangled with Brianna’s and they shared a smile. His gut clenched as he realized he wanted this. Wanted to eat breakfast with Brianna every morning, wanted Callie and Derrick with their crazy shenanigans joining them.

Especially wanted the sense of family, a family that they included him into. It terrified him how much he wanted this. He couldn’t afford to get sucked in, not until Brianna told him why she continued to be Briony. Not until she took control of her own identity. And especially not until he could walk with her through town and hear her called Brianna, instead of her dead sister’s name.

He’d never be able to trust her completely unless that happened. Looking over his shoulder for the first thirteen years of his life due to his parents had made him leery of anyone running a con and no matter what Brianna said, pretending to be her dead sister was a sort of con. The second Roy had taken Jackson in, he’d sworn to himself he’d only to tell the truth from then on. It’d been freeing. He couldn’t go back to a life filled with lies and half truths.


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