Sara’s Kaos ~ Book Three

Can her free-spirit shatter his defenses and win his heart?

Sara Dover never met a stranger that didn’t become a friend, until Kaos. With him she never seems to get it right, no matter how hard she tries. And she tries endlessly. In him she sees her perfect partner, if she could just breakdown his rigid control. Sara is sure behind those thick walls lurks an untapped passion and she is just as sure that she’s the perfect woman to tap it.

MeleViolent L’Kaos likes everything, and everyone, to fall in line with his orders. Designed in a Scavenger Installation to bring chaos to the human race, Kaos himself hates disorder. Until he crosses paths with Sara, an impish villager who loves pranks and seems to thrive in the middle of mayhem. If he could force her to lose her spontaneity she would be the perfect partner for him.

At least, that was Kaos’s thought until the Western Scavenger installation kidnaps Sara. The longer she’s gone the more he realizes what he, and the village he now calls home, has lost. If given another chance, he’s willing to do anything in his power to make Sara his. But first he needs to save her before the installation kills her.


Sara Dover suppressed the laughter that wanted to spew out as she darted around the corner and plastered her back against the wall.

“Did you do it?”

“Of course. You should never doubt my ability to pull a prank, Devil.” They both edged their faces around the corner to try to see the bathhouse from their position.

“You know, Birch said that you and I are getting way too old to be pulling stuff like this,” Devon replied as they ducked back out of sight when a woman loped down the path to the one-level house Ketewah had set up for bathing. Each room held anywhere from one to three tubs and was supplied from reservoirs of rainwater that sat on the flat roof.

Refusing to think about her best friend, who rarely stepped out of line, Sara rolled her eyes. “Birch would just take her knives and shred Tyr’s sleepmat. But then again she doesn’t have as much imagination as we do, Devil. And the day we get too old for pulling pranks is the day they’ll be burying us six feet under.”

The villagers had suggested on numerous occasions that Sara and Devon were really twins separated at birth. Which was why most people referred to him as Devil and her as Imp, though only a select few said it to their faces.

“Well, you are older than I am, Imp. So I can see how she’d say that about you.”

Sara turned her attention to Devon. His long, lanky six-foot frame towered over Sara, but that didn’t deter her from narrowing her gaze into dangerous slits. “Do I need to remind you who came up with this idea?”

The jade green eyes held a mischievous caste and he grinned widely. Between his black hair that stood on end and jaggedly chipped front tooth, Devon portrayed the crazy scientist to a tee. It didn’t help matters that sometimes he really was as insane as people claimed, especially with his experiments.

“Nope. And Tyr deserves it. Between the wax he put on your balance beam and that dead klasfish he stuffed in my UTV, I’m all for a bit of pay back.” Devon frowned. “It took me two weeks to get the vacking smell out of my vehicle and it’s open-aired, so even this prank might not be enough in my opinion.”

The loud bellow made both of them jump, then peer around the corner of the building again. A massive six and a half foot heavily muscled form almost broke the door down trying to leave one of the bathhouse rooms.

“Flame me, Imp. Did you put the snakes in the wrong room?”

“Hell no. That was the room Tyr set…” Her eyes met Devon’s as she realized they’d been played. “Oh scav me, he set us up.”

Another loud roar that sounded like their names, shook them from their frozen pose.

“Run!” Sara snatched Devon’s wrist and they bolted down the path to the Defenders’ house.

“We’re gonna die, Sara. Kaos is going to catch us and kill us.”

Sara shuddered. Of all the scavenger brothers that had moved into Ketewah, Kaos alternately terrified her and fascinated her the most. “Well, at least we know his calm can be destroyed.”

“Yeah, that was not what I had planned to test…EVER.” Devon snarled as they pounded up the stairs and slammed into the house.

Panting for air after their sprint, Sara and Devon jogged into one of the many dens scattered around the four story mansion.

“Elle, thank the creator,” Sara gasped as they collapsed on the couch across from where Elle sat reading. Her grid all but hiding her face.

Suspicious blue eyes peered over the top and landed on Sara and Devon. “What have you two done now?”


Sara cringed at Devon’s too fast response. “We were trying to get Tyr back, but it kind of backfired.”

“Yeah, so if you could help us out with an alibi, that’d be awesome.”

Elle dropped the grid onto her lap. Her curly white-blonde hair was anchored at the back of her neck with a bright colored tie allowing attention to be drawn to her sharp cheekbones and pointed chin. “What’s in it for me?”

Sara met Devon’s eyes and shrugged. “Any payback you want free of favor call-ins?”

“And you two have to take one of my shifts on guard duty.”

Smirking, Devon opened his mouth to agree, but Sara knew there was a catch and waited.


Pride bubbled in Sara, she’d taught Elle well.

“Dammit!” Devon growled.

Heavy footsteps made Sara jump up and pump Elle’s hand. “Deal.”

“Sara! Devon! My office now!” The deep baritone rolled through the house.

Elle’s eyes widened in terror. “You pranked Kaos?”

“In our defense we thought it was Tyr–” Sara began.

Elle snatched her grid up and darted for the stairs. “You two are on your own.”

“NOW!” Roared Kaos.

“Damn Tyr.” Sara plodded out of the room. Of course they had to have a run-in with the one person in the entire village who had no sense of humor.

“We’re so blowing some shit up after this.”

“If we survive.” Sara felt Devon behind her as they both shuffled to Kaos’s office.

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