#MusicMonday Inspiration for #BirchsFaith

Today I chose an edgier piece that gave me inspiration for Birch’s Faith.

The song is ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ by Black Label Society.

For those who’ve not read Birch’s Faith yet, Birch leaves Zev because of miscommunication. Something so small which we take for granted every day can have a lasting impact as Birch discovers after ten years without Zev.

A great example of this is something that happened to my parents and me. Several years ago, my parents had decided to visit. Mom and I talked daily about the trip. We exchanged every piece of information imaginable except one, a phone number. No idea why that never occurred to either of us, but it didn’t.
To make it more complicated I’d moved to the Netherlands; my parents live in Alabama. So there’s a language barrier as well as the whole international calling.
The day hubby and I were to pick them up everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Our car broke down on the way to Amsterdam. Having no way to call my parents we started calling around the Airport which didn’t help since we kept getting routed to various electronic answering services and no people. Long story short, my mom ended up remembering my hairdresser’s name by looking on her FB and had a receptionist call her. Luckily, where we live, it’s a small village where everyone knows everyone and my mom-in-law happened to be working in the building next door to the hairdresser. Karina walked her phone to my mom-in-law and translated what had happened. It was nice of her and helped calm my parents.
If my mother and I had actually thought beyond what they wanted to do when they got here, or where they would be staying, or how many pounds their bags could weigh, then we could’ve saved a lot of aggravation and irritation by making sure we both had numbers in case of emergencies.

Birch and Zev have something similar in that Birch catches Zev kissing someone else. Before you jump on the hate Zev wagon, it was a set up by Birch’s enemy throughout school. However, she doesn’t know that, and she leaves before talking it out with Zev. Sometimes we don’t make the best decisions when we hurt. We just want the pain to stop, and distance is supposed to help. It doesn’t work in Birch’s case since she misses Zev every second of every day. Luckily, Zev and Birch get another chance, too bad it takes a building blowing up and mercenaries hot on their trail to shove them back together, but sometimes life throws you a bit of bad with the good.

To help get me in the mindset, I needed to write a few of the pieces of Birch’s anger and confusion at missing Zev I listened to the above song. I liked it better than any of the other versions because it has an edge to it that digs into me as the lead singer croons the melody.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

To read an excerpt of Birch’s Faith click HERE.


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