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Finding True Love
Book One in the Little Falls series

Blurb ~

Carrie Greyson leaves New York and moves to Little Falls, Montana with a dream to turn a broken-down ranch into a refuge for battered women. Trouble finds her on day one as her car is washed into a ravine, soon to soar off a cliff into the river below.

Just when all her dreams seem ready to collapse, she discovers a whole town willing to help her. And after some mis-steps, she even determines which lover is solid and which are not.

Excerpt ~

Alex stared into her eyes several seconds then sighed. “Teddy, see if your mom will come in and chaperone during the x-ray.”

How did he know?

When Teddy returned with his mother, he introduced Carrie and explained her near-death experience. Mrs. Wilson was more than willing to watch over her.

When Teddy and Alex left, Mrs. Wilson smiled at her. “I assure you that my son is always a perfect gentleman. In fact, he’s too nice. Everybody takes advantage of him, particularly his current girlfriend. She’s always borrowing money from him, asking him to drive her all over the place. Yet, when he was sick with the flu, did she stop by once to see how he was doing? Not on your life. In fact, she had the audacity to call and complain he was neglecting her and maybe she’d date Bobby Conrad until he felt up to entertaining her again.”

Carrie liked Mrs. Wilson and didn’t flinch as she helped her ease off her shirt and bra. Mrs. Wilson’s chatter didn’t stop as she noticed the purple line of bruising across Carrie’s chest. However, when she looked at Carrie’s back, the woman fell silent for several seconds.

“Did you hit your back? You’ve some serious bruising down here.” Her voice was slightly tighter than before.

“I think I did.” Carrie knew the bruising hadn’t shocked the woman. It was the scars from her childhood beatings by her foster mother, Mrs. Cabot.

“Well, Teddy should x-ray your lower back. It looks bad.”

It felt bad, too, Carrie admitted to herself. What if something were seriously wrong? No! She couldn’t afford to have anything seriously wrong. Too many people depended on this fresh start.

Wearing nothing but her underwear, Carrie lay down on the cold metal exam table. Mrs. Wilson covered her up with a sheet and then called Teddy in to set up and take the x-rays. Once Teddy had immortalized Carrie’s chest and backbone in film, he left the room.

Mrs. Wilson gave Carrie a robe. “Maybe you’d like to take a shower while I wash your clothes.”

The temptation of having clean, dry underwear was enough to entice Carrie to give those up as well.

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A Note From Liza ~

Hello! All my fabulous friends!

I am working really hard to get all my books out wide, while continuing to churn out a book a month. How can I do this, you ask?

It’s because in my early years, I didn’t publish anything. I just kept writing. I feared that publishing would break my focus on writing. Thus, I had over a hundred and thirty books written and no one but me to read them.

A dear friend, Rebecca Royce, convinced me to submit one of my books to a publisher. Honestly, I found them too slow to act, so after the second book with a publisher, I decided to publish my third book on my own. Worst Week Ever turned out to be my Best Seller. And I’ve never looked back from that fabulous decision.

However, recently, I decided I needed to go wide, so I jumped on the D2D wagon and I’m getting both my back log and new books up as well so everyone can enjoy them.

I presently have over 50 novels. The actual amount keeps changing since I publish

a new book each month.

Yes, it is exhausting, but I love writing books.

I hope you’ll take a peek at your many options.

I write Contemporary, Historical, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense and even modern cowboy stories.

I hope you will enjoy my books at whatever service you prefer.

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