GIMP Toolbox – Intro

This is an intro to GIMP geared toward Authors, so it’s not overwhelming to use. I go through the toolbox and show what each tool does. I only touch on the tools I’ve used. I also explain at the end about the images, music, and fonts authors are allowed to use and why this is important. I am self-taught in this program, so if I don’t know how the tool works I’ll tell you I don’t know. However, if it’s something you see that you’d like me to explain, leave me a message and I’ll research it.

In this video, I used GIMP V2.8 but now have the latest version 2.10.6

DepositPhotos Website link –DepositPhoto
DepositPhotos has video clips as well as photos to make trailers and such, just make sure you have the correct license for what you’re wanting to use them for. When in doubt ask one of their representatives, they’re very helpful and nice.

ShutterStock Website Link – Shutterstock
ShutterStock is similar to DepositPhoto in that they have video clips and photos for authors to use. However, they also have music clips which come in handy when making trailers and videos. Again if you’re in doubt of the license you need, ask a representative.