First Ever Blog Post

Hi, everyone. Welcome to my first blog!

First let me introduce myself, I’m CeeRee Fields. I write Romantic Suspense and Adventure and I love it. To me it’s the best job in the world and one I get to explore every day.

Being a self-published writer is amazing as I can help develop every aspect of my brand. From the graphics on my website to the book covers and even the Memes.

I started my writing adventure with a series I called Woven Destines. It’s a world I built that’s over a hundred years after an apocalyptic event takes place on Earth.

There are many factions splitting America, now called Amelorica, as humanity is finally beginning to flourish again and these factions threaten the precarious balance of the human race. No one in the first several books know why 85% of the human race died over a century ago, the history was lost during the Warlords’ reign. However, the why slowly unfolds through the books as various items and hidden factions begin to surface.

With this series I let my imagination run free. I have military installations that had been used for protection during The Dying, turn into the monsters everyone is afraid of as they conduct experiments, merging plant and animal with human DNA to create a variety of super soldiers. I have eight-foot tall mutants roaming east of a man made chasm and well into the Quarantine Zone, also called the QZ. I have four cities that are spaced along the western border of the chasm that are named after four current day demilitarized zones, however collectively the cites are known as the Mutant Free Zone, aka MFZ, with the Frontliners military keeping the citizen’s safe.

Further west there are villages, fifteen are well known, but the one that is the focal point of my stories is Ketewah, placed close to where Chattanooga would have been. The characters in this village will come to lead the resistance and have familial ties with other characters as far reaching as the mutants and beyond.

My current work in progress is book five in Woven Destinies, Naktmerié’s Monster and is set in the Quarantine Zone. Book four of Woven Destinies, Sara’s Kaos is set to release October 1st. Sara was one of my favorite characters to write, with her mischievous personality constantly looking for the fun in life, it was a joy to pair her with Kaos, who’s her total opposite with how rigidly controlled he is, though she did need to go through the grinder before she found her happily ever after.

That’s one thing I love about writing. Love wins no matter what! And if you want to see maps or delve deeper into the world of Woven Destinies click here to see maps and cultures.

So welcome to my blog. I look forward to hearing from you.

~ CeeRee


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