D’Reaper’s Destiny ~ Book One

She’s willing to die for her freedom. He’s willing to give anything to save her.

Zroya is a finely honed warrior. Trained from birth, she wasn’t prepared to be slotted into her installation’s breeding program. Until it happened. Trapped, she’s on her way to an allied installation to become a breeder. She will do anything to prevent the exchange from happening, including dying to obtain her freedom.

Draper has shared vivid dreams of Zroya his entire life. He’s given a vision of a time and place to rescue Zroya. Instead of questioning it, he arms himself for a battle he hopes to win otherwise they’re both doomed. Little does he know the dreams he shares with her contain a weave of obsession that has dug claws deep into him.

Will they overcome the obsession to discover their love is true? Or does their love only live within their dreams?

This story is Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde meets Sleeping Beauty.


Sitting cross-legged, Draper gathered the overwhelming sea of feelings together and allowed them to wash through him as he centered himself.

He could see in Zroya’s actions that she was slowly accepting him, but would it be before he was forced to leave if Zev’s scars proved to be coordinates like Draper suspected?

Standing, Draper dusted the seat of his pants, stilling at the snap of a twig. He reached for his scythes, but came up empty. It was then he remembered he’d dropped them next the fire. Too vacking distracted.

Gathering his energy to lash out and praying it wasn’t a human, Draper curled his hands into fists. Zroya stepped from the shadows. The tension rolled from him at the sight of her.

Her porcelain skin drenched in moonlight was gorgeous. He wanted her badly, but knew she wasn’t ready for that step. Wrestling his desire under control, he continued to trace her delicate features with her eyes.

“Hello? Draper?” The fear in her voice pulled Draper from his perusal.

Pushing from the shadows, Draper walked towards her.

“Thank the Creator! I thought maybe my father had found me.” She heaved a breath of relief.

“Your father?”

Her teeth nibbled her lip. “That’s my worst fear, that he’ll track me down. Not that it’s been long enough yet.”

“If it had he wouldn’t be taking you. You have to know I would protect you.”

“And if he killed you? What then?” the whispered response seemed to be dragged from her.

“My brothers would protect you and the people from Ketewah.” He craved to go to her and gather her in his arms. No one that met her would leave her defenseless.

“You all would try.” She sniffed.

Closing the small distance, Draper took a chance and cradled her cheek. When she didn’t pull away a small thrill of victory coursed through him. Every touch that he was granted was precious to him. “You’ve seen what we can do, so you should know we’d succeed. If he came here, he’d be on our ground and we’d destroy him.” Not wanting to push too much, he lowered his hand, stepped back and propped his shoulder against the tree she leaned on. “Why are you out here in the woods if you think your father would find you?”

“I needed away from everyone and you weren’t there.”

“So you thought to find me?” Pleased that she’d sought him out.

“Actually. Yes.” A tentative touch brushed his arm and then was gone. “I just wanted to talk, if that’s okay?”

“I love our talks.” He didn’t add that he would talk until he was hoarse if it meant more time with her.

“Is this one of our dreams?”

Surprised Draper’s eyes widened. “No.”

She smiled. “It sometimes feels like it. Doesn’t it?” She pressed her back against the tree and turned her face to the sky. “‘Did you know when I wasn’t dreaming of you, my mother would make up fanciful stories about you to entertain me?”

Grinning at the image of Zroya listening to stories of him, Draper dropped his lips to her temple.

Startled, her eyes met his and her fingers brushed the area.

“No, I didn’t know your mother did that.”

Her jade eyes met his, shadows darkened the light green depths as if they held a multitude of secrets. “I got jealous even with the stories. My mom could see this amazing future and all I had was what she chose to share and my imagination.” Her fingers plucked at the hem of her shirt.

“Ask me.”

“Can you clasp your hands behind you?” she whispered.

Draper smiled and followed her request. When she pressed into him and wrapped her arms around his waist it was all he could do to not gather her closer. Curious to hear the rest of the story and needing a distraction from the spike of arousal her nearness brought, Draper asked. “So what happened?”

“I asked her to take me with her and she did. She couldn’t bring me often because it drained her. She’d be almost comatose for days after, which I now realize left her very vulnerable.” Her voice trembled and he kissed the crown of her head.

“Which dreams did we share?” he asked, hoping to pull her from the past.

“One was just like this. Except we were strolling in the woods and sharing our thoughts and dreams. Discussing where we would live.”

“I remember that one.” Surprised, since there had been so many through the years he hadn’t expected to remember one in the thousand that had been sent. But that one had been vivid as if he were walking with her in the moonlight. It was one of the dreams that had convinced him she was real. “We were holding hands and you asked me to kiss you.”

She tilted her head her eyes luminous. “Would you, Draper?”

“It would be my pleasure.”

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